Joe Heller, Evolutionary

 + Visionary Teacher ~

My life forever changed on my 5oth birthday. I asked the universe to restore the “gifts I have forsaken this lifetime.” Why did I ask this? I don't know, all I know is visions of past lives, insights, rituals, and more were reawakened. After coming to better understand these ‘teachings' I am stepping out of my box to transformed the world view since the dawn of time.

As I tumbled down this rabbit hole I was given a path, a path called Harmonic Evolution which I saw as a ray of hope is the model for the actualization of human evolution. One focused on the mysterious states of frequency originating in the birth of the universe. An awakening acting as a catalyst in each of us to harmonically align with spirit, allowing each of us to make create an epic life of evolutionary importance by actualizing our own harmonic power. This power brings heaven to the earth plane halting the escalating fear and conflict arising in the world.

Harmonic Evolution describes a series of evolutionary steps through which determined individuals can discover a new understanding of our mysterious spiritual nature and unlimited potential. Awakening you on the path of enlightenment each of us must intuit to fulfill our own spiritual destiny this lifetime.

Expanding the current world-view by those individuals among us who are dedicated to channeling their awakening into a dynamic force that can help us liberate lives from low vibrational frequencies to actively change the world.

An exploration of a series of evolving spiritual integrations by mapping the synchronistic flow of aligning with the harmonic structure of the universe that develops a higher intuitive guidance along your journey and co-create oneness with all.

The sacred harmonic sequence experienced during your evolution lifts you though the vibrational planes through portals of time and space into new dimensions, to reincarnating past learnings forward, opening gateways to speak with your future self synergistically linking you to divine inspiration to walk your true life path.

Harmonic Evolution cast away fears allowing those committed to join the spiritual renaissance by offering the power to crystallize perceptions of why you are where you are to discover you became a harmonic being the moment the universe split from the nothingness, energy vibrated creating a synchronistic harmonic unity amongst all.

This knowledge hidden for eons, released in fragments along the sacred map are traced back to before time as we re-discover them for the first time here on earth. These harmonic resonances can have a profound impact on the way each of us lives our lives and point to exciting spiritual experiences we can all recognize for our future self.

Harmonic Evolution embraces and explains the mysterious The Laws of Attunement transfiguring all who authentically intend to raise their vibrational resonance to co-create to evolve.

Once in motion this literally will unleash a unstoppable force of divine inspiration that will elevate all of us into a new-found purpose for life to create an emerging global renaissance shaping us and our world in the new millennium. This is the next step in our Harmonic Evolution. Welcome to your evolutionary journey. Welcome to your awakened luminescence ~

Now is your time. Be Bold. Be Epic. Be Harmonic!


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